Since the beginning of its existence Piła’s Festival & Academy has been an important event for grand musicians and a springboard for emerging young artists. It has always encouraged cultures and generations of musicians to integrate by creating areas for meeting between the audience and the artists.
It has carried out its missions for both artists and the public. My goal is to discover and promote promising talents and to support creativity and the development of their careers. My goal is to bring musical pearls to the general public and make music available to everyone who needs it.
I would like to offer all renowned artists, those who embrace the path of success and the public, ideal conditions to discover previously unknown musical experiences.
We want you to forget about the difficult times, which of lately have taken a toll on everyone, and we will try to diversify festival musical evenings with concerts at the highest level performed by the invited Polish and foreign stars.
I know that this will be an edition that could fill with envy even some of the world's festivals, and you will commemorate it for a long time.
Andrzej Czaja Director of the Piła Festival & Academy
Andrzej Czaja
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